About us

Meet Panel Gest – the digital embodiment of ICEL’s expertise in engineering and manufacturing superior quality low and medium voltage electrical panels. Seamlessly integrating decades of industry experience with cutting-edge technology, we bring to you an advanced and cost-effective solution that redefines the landscape of electrical panel maintenance.
Maintenance Services Overview

renowned maintenance services

Under the umbrella of PanelGest, ICEL brings its renowned maintenance services to your doorstep. Comprising of comprehensive Electrical Panel Evaluation, meticulous Circuit Breakers Maintenance, and reliable Spare Parts Supply, our services aim to optimize your operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and ensure the longevity of your electrical panels


Electrical Panel Evaluation

At the heart of ICEL’s preventive maintenance service is the comprehensive Electrical Panel Evaluation. Through regular maintenance checks, cleaning, and maintenance, we safeguard the structural integrity of your electrical switchgear and/or switchboard and avert operational faults.

Ensuring the integrity of all cables in the panel.

Ensuring that the electrical panel is clean and free of any elements that could affect its operation.

Reviewing the mechanical components to ensure they are well-secured and properly aligned.

Reviewing the condition of seals and other protective elements to prevent damage from environmental factors.

Ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the panel’s electrical system.

Ensuring all connections are secure to ensure proper electrical function.

Reviewing the mechanical components to ensure they are well-secured and properly aligned.

Replacing any components as required to maintain optimal panel operation.

Circuit Breakers Maintenance

Through PanelGest, we extend the lifespan and ensures the safety of your low and medium voltage circuit breakers. With a dual approach encompassing preventative and corrective maintenance, we guarantee the reliability and smooth functioning of your circuit breakers.
Complete disassembly and cleaning to ensure optimum performance
Analysis of key components for any sign of wear and tear
Ensuring the proper functioning of all mechanical elements.
Ensuring the proper operation of the breaker’s mechanical operation for triggering at maximum current.

Identification of hot spots or issues in electrical connections.

Applying specific mechanical tests to ensure optimum performance.
Testing the resistance and voltage drop in the main circuit with a current of 200A.
Verifying the speed and simultaneous operation of the main contacts.

Spare Parts Supply

Enjoy the perks of a comprehensive post-sales service with ICEL’s Spare Parts Supply. Our commitment to quality and efficiency ensures minimal downtime and tailored solutions, providing you with both original and compatible high-quality spare parts.