Data Analytics and Monitoring

Harness the power of data to optimize your electrical panel maintenance. PanelGest’s Data Analytics and Monitoring feature empowers your business with real-time insights and proactive decision-making capabilities. Monitor critical variables, uncover hidden patterns, and drive efficiency across your operations.

Unleash the Power of Structured Maintenance Data Analysis

Our intuitive dashboard takes structured data analysis to new heights, constantly monitoring critical variables like temperature on copper bars and switch poles, circuit breaker operations, and insulation resistance. Stay informed and empowered with a clear and real-time view of your electrical panel, allowing you to proactively plan and execute targeted maintenance interventions with precision.


Discover Hidden Patterns and Trends for Enhanced Future Interventions

Our cutting-edge technology leverages the power of data processing to uncover hidden patterns and trends, delivering invaluable insights for optimizing your future maintenance activities. Whether it’s tracking temperature fluctuations or monitoring circuit breaker operations over time, our platform empowers you to detect anomalies and variations, enabling proactive interventions that keep your electrical panels running at their best.


Data-Driven Decision Support

By transforming collected data into actionable insights, our platform empowers you with concrete and up-to-date information for making informed maintenance decisions. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in your maintenance process. With PanelGest, you can trust in the reliability of your electrical panels like never before.


Ready to Elevate your Maintenance Operations to the Next Level?

Experience the Effectiveness of our Professional Maintenance Services, empowered with extraordinary Asset Digitalization and Data Collection.