PanelGest – ICEL’s New Digital Platform for Electrical Panel Maintenance


Maintenance activity plays a crucial role in ensuring the correct functioning of electrical panels, providing numerous benefits (e.g., reduction of plant shutdowns, increased safety at the workplace, extension of equipment lifespan, etc.).

Unfortunately, in the electrical panel sector, maintenance still often follows a traditional approach, which does not allow the user to fully exploit its real potential. Conversely, the new digital maintenance service from ICEL – PanelGest – allows overcoming this paradigm through a unique and innovative approach.

The limitations of the traditional maintenance approach

The traditional approach to maintenance has some limitations that contribute to compromising its effectiveness over time.

Absence of a maintenance history

The traditional approach to maintenance makes it difficult to have a clear and complete picture of the history of interventions performed on each electrical panel, bringing up problems in evaluating past actions and effectively planning future interventions.

Exclusive use of paper reports

The use of paper reports to document maintenance interventions not only increases the risk of loss or damage to information but also makes it more difficult and time-consuming to interpret and share data among various operators involved in the maintenance process.

Lack of structured data analysis

The absence of a digital platform to collect and analyze data collected during maintenance interventions limits the ability to fully identify and understand patterns and trends that might suggest the need for specific interventions or the presence of problems not yet evident.

The innovative maintenance approach of PanelGest

PanelGest is an innovative solution designed to address and overcome the limitations of the traditional approach to the maintenance of electrical panels.

Thanks to the implementation of a digital interface and the use of data analysis technologies, PanelGest allows optimizing maintenance interventions, improving the safety and reliability of installations, and increasing the efficiency of the maintenance process.

Digitalization of your plant’s electrical panels

The PanelGest platform revolutionizes the approach to electrical panel maintenance by creating a digital twin of the electrical panel. Thanks to this digital model, it is possible to quickly and efficiently record and store all the data collected during maintenance activities.

Moreover, PanelGest allows for a quick update and modification of all asset information, ensuring an up-to-date and accurate view of the state of the electrical panel. This innovative digital solution enables more effective and proactive maintenance management, optimizing resources and reducing intervention times.

Effective planning of maintenance activities

PanelGest significantly improves the maintenance management of electrical panels by offering quick and intuitive access to the entire maintenance history of the asset. This feature allows operators to have a complete overview of past interventions, facilitating the planning and optimization of future maintenance activities.

Moreover, PanelGest provides customized checklists for each maintenance activity, ensuring that each intervention is carried out accurately and completely, reducing the risk of errors or omissions. Finally, the platform provides digital alerts for scheduled maintenance interventions on assets, ensuring that every necessary maintenance is performed promptly and helping to prevent breakdowns or malfunctions.

Data analytics dashboard and asset insights

PanelGest introduces a dashboard for structured analysis of data collected during interventions. This peculiar feature allows identifying hidden patterns and trends, optimizing future interventions, and increasing the overall efficiency of the maintenance process.

Therefore, it provides data-driven decision support ensuring that maintenance decisions are based on concrete and updated information, further improving the reliability and lifespan of electrical panels.


The PanelGest platform represents a step forward in the field of electrical panel maintenance. This innovative solution, designed and fine-tuned by ICEL, significantly improves the efficiency, safety, and reliability of the electrical panel maintenance process that powers industrial plants, offering users a comprehensive and integrated tool to better manage their daily activities.



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